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Economic Zone in Ethiopia

Landmark Partnership GSEZ and CCECC Signed MoU.

In a momentous stride towards enhanced bilateral cooperation and economic progress, the Gada Special Economic Zone in Ethiopia and the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) have formally entered into a Memorandum of Understanding. This landmark agreement paves the way for the expansive development of a 1000-hectare area, encompassing pivotal elements such as a logistics hub, diverse manufacturing facilities primed for exports, and dynamic industrial parks. This ambitious venture, set to unfold over the next five years, carries the dual objectives of bolstering the economic landscape and fortifying diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and China.

With meticulous preparation, the Gada Economic Zone has readied over 2900 hectares of land for this transformative initiative. Stemming from a proclamation designating an impressive 24000 hectares of land, this endeavor marks an unprecedented milestone in Ethiopia’s economic trajectory. Notably, the aspiration to integrate this specialized economic zone with China’s vision is poised to further underscore the strategic acumen driving this collaboration.

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