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The First
Economic Zone in Ethiopia

About Us


The purposes of creating Special Economic Zones are to achieve the economic and social transformation of the region through promoting a conducive policy and providing critical public goods, attracting foreign and domestic investment, enhancing technology transfer needed to expand manufacturing activities, creates jobs, generate multiplier impact on the economy and promote regional development.

  • Creating Jobs
  • Economic development
  • Manufacturing Activities
  • Enhancing technologies

GSEZ Overall Vision

To be the pioneer zone of reform and innovation and center of the economic development of Ethiopia as well as to be the model of economic hub of Africa by developing cost-effective integrated infrastructure and creating an attractive investment environment by 2062.


We aspire to be the model economic hub of Africa by 2062


Providing serviced land to attract investment for industry and commercial hub to generate jobs and foreign currency and transform the industrial development and ultimately economic transformation of the country in general and of Oromia in particular..


GSEZ‘s core values are:

  • Value for time
  • Customer centric service
  • Professional Code of ethics
  • Learning organization
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Technology and innovation
  • Committed to corporate social responsibility


  • Gada Special Economic Zone(GSEZ) is a new phenomenon in the industrial, trade, investment and urban development strategies in Oromia NRS and Ethiopia at large. Almost 3/4 of Ethiopian industrial area is located in Addis Ababa and the surrounding Oromia Special Zone. With the drive to create an industrial economic hub in Africa, therefore, GSEZ will play a strategic central role in industrialization and urbanization development of our nation. As the national and regional prior economic plan to powered the socio-economic prosperity, Gada special economic zone intends to be a pioneer of free trade, export processing, recreational and smart industrial city by 2063.

    As a regional development initiative to create jobs, industrial, trade and urban foundations, 24,000 hectars (240km2) of land has geographically assigned to be delimited by 226/2012 proclamation to established the GSEZ Authority (GSEZA). Our Economic Zone is working on land accusations and basic infrastructures development. And the operational management of Special Economic Zone has commenced and GSEZ have been designated by Ethiopian Investment Board for the startup phase of the project which covers 3150 hectares of land. will be commenced through one stop services (OSS) soon after designation of EIC authority. This is part of our mission to ensure Oromia develop multi-purpose economic Zone,

    GSEZ in Oromia is inalienable to incorporate our farmers in the genuine equitable development strategy and improves the quality of life of our people. The special zone have 13 Industrial Zones, including a Smart City, work on rules and laws which are different from the rest of the region and country, with special authorities, incentives, rules and regulations to boost the national economy through FDI and domestic potentials. Hence, wishing to see successful Economic Zone in our region, my government has a special attentions to make the plan in to reality. This will be possible in a very proactive and responsive commitment to see a national pioneering economic zone through working to address every challenges and gaining empirical experience.

    H.E. Obbo Shimalis Abdisa
    Oromia National Regional State President
  • Warm Greetings to Our Guests,

    Ethiopia have signed African Continent Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) to realize trade and regional integration. We are also on legal process /efforts the road to accession of World Trade Organization(WTO). Gada Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) is established with a fascinating objective to ensure a sustainable and attractive investment destination in Africa. We envision to see a most vibrant economic hub of Africa by 2063. It is quest to achieve the AU led Agenda 2063.

    The initiation of GSEZ is to ensure the industrial transformation, create job for the youth and benefit from demographic dividend of the country, earn foreign currency attracting investors and developers from local and abroad. To achieve our purpose a masterplan on about 24000 hectare of land was designed by a seasoned local and international experts. Our strategic plan takes account of phase to phase development of four versions. For the youth of the country, GSEZ will be the source of job opportunity.

    GSEZ have 13 industrial zones, free trade zones, recreational centers, central business districts, science and technological parts, trade service parks and residential areas.
    To achieve our goal, since the establishment, we are building the capable institution that can shoulder its duties, acquiring land, and finalizing operational standards, procedures and guidelines. The support and guidance of federal and regional government bodies have a paramount importance for the success of our objective. Investors and developers are awaited with open arms.
    We are determined to see our vision of 2062.

    Mr. Motuma Temesgen
    Director General


Organizational Structure

Our Staff


The GSEZ project is located in the Second higher node area in the hinterland next to Finfinne with its best connectivity to major urban centers such as Adama, Modjo, Finfinne, Bishoftu and Shashemane.

Astronomical Location

Astronomically, the proposed development project extends from 8° 27' 00" to 8° 37' 00" N Latitude to 39° 01' 00" to 39° 15' 30" E Longitude.