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  • Gada Special Economic Zone(GSEZ) is a new phenomenon in the industrial, trade, investment and urban development strategies in Oromia NRS and Ethiopia at large. Almost 3/4 of Ethiopian industrial area is located in Addis Ababa and the surrounding Oromia Special Zone. With the drive to create an industrial economic hub in Africa, therefore, GSEZ will play a strategic central role in industrialization and urbanization development of our nation. As the national and regional prior economic plan to powered the socio-economic prosperity, Gada special economic zone intends to be a pioneer of free trade, export processing, recreational and smart industrial city by 2062.

    H.E. Obbo Shimalis Abdisa
    ORS President
  • Warm Greetings to Our Guests,

    Ethiopia have signed African Continent Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) to realize trade and regional integration. We are also on legal process /efforts the road to accession of World Trade Organization(WTO). Gada Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) is established with a fascinating objective to ensure a sustainable and attractive investment destination in Africa. We envision to see a most vibrant economic hub of Africa by 2062. It is quest to achieve the AU led Agenda 2062.

    Mr. Motuma Temesgen
    Director General
  • Gada Special Economic Zone and World Bank Group held a fruitful one-day national consultative meeting with logistics handlers and stakeholders from national and regional levels. Workshop biyyaaleessa dhimma logistic irratti hubbannoo uumuuf qindeessummaa Abbaa Taayitaa Zoonii Diinagdee Addaa Gadaa fi World Bank qooda fudhattoota sadarkaa Addunyaa hanga naannootti jiran waliin guyyaa tokkoof mariin gaggeeffame.
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  • Waltaajjii hubannoo uumuu qooda fudhattoota Zoonii Dinagdee Addaa Gadaa qindeessummaa Abbaa Taayitaa Zoonii Dinagdee Addaa Gadaa fi Waajjira pirezidaantii Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaa waliin gaggeeffame. Maricha irratti hubannaa dhimma misooma Zoonii Dinagdee irratti kennamee jira. Rakkooleen haga ammaatti quunnamaa jiran qooda fudhattootaan adda baafamuun rakkoolee haga ammaatti jiran furuuf koreewwan qooda fudhattota irraa walitti ijaaraman sadii...
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  • On August 15, 2023, Zhao Zhiyuan, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, attended and delivered a speech at the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on Investment and Development of the Ethiopian Special Economic Zone. Ambassador Girma, advisor to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, and Shimelis, President of Oromia National Regional State, jointly witnessed the signing,...
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  • 2023年8月15日,驻埃塞俄比亚大使赵志远出席埃塞经济特区投资开发谅解备忘录签约仪式并讲话。埃塞总理顾问戈玛、奥罗米亚州长施梅雷斯共同见签,驻埃塞使馆首席馆员申钦民公参陪同出席。 赵大使表示,在奥罗米亚州启动经济特区建设正逢其时,这将是埃塞俄比亚工业化和现代化进程中非常重要的一步,是中埃合作的又一重大成果。使馆愿与埃方携手,弘扬中非友好合作精神,共同促进经济特区建设与发展,推动中埃友好再上新水平。 戈玛和施梅雷斯高度赞赏中国特区建设,愿与中方加强合作交流,借鉴中方发展理念和经验,积极参与“一带一路”建设,进一步深化两国友好关系,不断开创中埃合作新局面。 该经济特区由埃塞中土公司和奥罗米亚州政府合作开发建设。
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  • In a momentous stride towards enhanced bilateral cooperation and economic progress, the Gada Special Economic Zone in Ethiopia and the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) have formally entered into a Memorandum of Understanding. This landmark agreement paves the way for the expansive development of a 1000-hectare area, encompassing pivotal elements such as a logistics...
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  • Gada Special Economic Zone conducted an evaluation of its performance for the 2015 E.C. budget year and held discussions on the annual plan for the 2016 budget year.
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About GSEZ

The purposes of creating Special Economic Zones are to achieve the economic and social transformation of the region through promoting a conducive policy and providing critical public goods, attracting foreign and domestic investment, enhancing technology transfer needed to expand manufacturing activities, creates jobs, generate multiplier impact on the economy and promote regional development.